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Create rich interactive workflows, processes & SOP’s with the FREE Workflow Designer – Rated by CNET as EXCELLENT, a constant top 10 performer in the Business Applications Category. Workflow Designer has features and benefits not found in other tools such as Smart-Draw, Visio and better still it is absolutely FREE!

Visual Workflow Mapping

Workflow Designer goes beyond simple drawing of a process, procedure or even mind maps. Workflow Designer includes features such as template shapes, automated placement of shapes, and links to other maps documents or even business analysis information. Imagine one centralized spot for all information in the right order required for the job that aligns with the workflow or procedure every time…

Instant Chart and Procedural Text Collaboration

With Workflow Designer, at each step you can enter the step’s workflow or procedural information. This ensures both accuracy and sense, up front, without rework or guessing sequences of information. Reference documents such as policies, standards or specifications. If using the optional Workflow Connect system have these instantly available in your favorite browser. Save on expensive flowcharting packages that need a word processor additional to the drawing tool and do not have many of the features in Workflow Designer.

Enjoy the freedom online

Subscribe to Workflow Connect and instantly you are in an on-line world free from barriers that will encourage communication across the room or across the world. When you create a procedure, or workflow, you publish to Workflow Connect and your connected People, Process, Data and information are instantly accessible. Keep staff, field workers, customers, or suppliers Informed of key procedure or workflow information across the world or across the room using smart phones, pads or computers.


Output to fully formatted procedure documentation

With the chart and information securely locked together you can instantly create a formatted hard copy procedure document direct to your favorite word processor or pdf, with the chart and text always in synchronization! With outputs including who does what, job sequence information, work instruction information, document links or links to other charts as well as approval and revision history. Stop guessing who does what and when, with workflow designer you can quickly determine key responsibilities through any procedure or workflow.

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